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Greenline Internal Recycling Bins

Designed in response to the demand for a more user friendly and attractive solution to your recycling needs, the Greenline range offers style and practicality at a reasonable price!

Colour coded and branded to reflect the recyclable material, the Greenline is available in three sizes, the large 81 litre bin, 63 litre and the standard 56 litre bin.

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Greenline Clear Recycling Bin
SKU: TI0333
Size: 63L
£98.00 exc. VAT
Greenline Large Recycling Bin
SKU: TI0331
Size: 80L
£96.00 exc. VAT
Greenline Standard Recycling Bin
SKU: TI0332
Size: 56L
£85.50 exc. VAT
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